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Create a magical wedding with these beautiful Wedding ribbon wands.
There are tiny bells at the top of the wands which make a light sound when you move them. Great to use when the bride is leaving the church or the wedding venue instead of confetti.
Designing your own perfect wedding. You and your guests will adore these as they will add the missing touch of glamour to your wedding decor.

Better than the other ribbons wands: Our new Blush Champagne ribbon magic wand is made of better quality ribbons. Our bells are larger than normal bells, and the color of the bells is much brighter than the other bell. Especially with the cute gold bell, it jingles when waving it, adding a cheerful atmosphere in party or wedding. Adds a festive flair to the celebration and great photo opportunities at send off.

Material: Satin Ribbons
Colors: Noble Blush Champagne and Ivory
What’s included: Pack of 30 x Wedding sparklers.
wooden stick: 30cm (11.8 inch)
ribbon length: 60cm (23.6 inch)
ribbon width: 1.5cm (0.6inch)
This ribbon wands create magical carnaval effects on your special events. Ideal for wedding occasion, bridal shower, kids birthday, Christmas party or anniversary.

This garland makes the perfect shabby chic on events including wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or kids birthday. The Noble Blush Champagne color adds so much “”happy””atmosphere.

Package includes:
30 x Ribbon Wands
A wooden stick with a bell is tied with three flying ribbons, waving them up will give you a melodious sound, adding a lively atmosphere to your party and events. This product can be reused
.High-quality materials: Each ribbon wands is composed of three high-quality ribbons and a high-quality bell, the wooden rods are polished and gripped well, secure attached bell and ribbons, durable and comfortable to take in hands
Romantic colors – There are different colored ribbons on each stick with a bell, they are noble blush champagne and cream , very elegant and beautiful when waving
Length Specifications: Each fairy wand has 3 pieces colored ribbons in 24″ long, and 1 fairy wooden stick in 11.8″ long with a big gold bell. Bell size: 0.36 inches
Use these at weddings to cheer for the bride and groom, or in place of throwing rice. You can also use these to cheer on your favorite sports team, for fun at birthday parties, or at any celebration that you want to add color and jingle to


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