Bringsine Baby Breath Gypsophila Wedding Decoration White Colour Silk Flowers 40 Pieces/lot




Product Description

Bringsine Baby Breath/Gypsophila Wedding Decoration White Colour Real Touch Artificial Flowers

Baby’s Breath Flower is a fresh white flower that is one of the most classic and popular flowers on the market.
   Named because each stem has a spray of small, textured flowers that give it the appearance of a million stars.
   Only in this case, they’ll light up your bouquet instead of the night sky!
   Each tiny flower is like a popcorn ball of pure white and will add texture and delicate color to your special event.
   Blend these top quality beauties with your favorite colored roses and a few stems of ruscus for a chic, simple bouquet

New Love Baby’s Breath is a dazzling popcorn like white filler flower that can be used to accent your favorite flowers, or bunched together on its    own for a dreamy cloud of white.

One of the most popular filler flowers, this top of the line flower is the best quality you can find.
   With slightly larger blooms in each spray than its sister flower, New Love has a very white colored flower and a longer vase life!
   Incredibly fresh and fabulous, you are not going to want to pass up this New Love beauty


Baby’s breath, or the flowers of the Gypsophila genus, are so named because unlike most plants, they thrive in soil high in gypsum. For their ability to flourish in a difficult environment, they represent everlasting love, whether it be familial, romantic or platonic. They are a symbol of purity, the Christian faith’s Holy Spirit, newborn babies and self-discipline. They are meant to connect long-lost family members and lovers

Baby’s breath is a new introduction to the variety and offers superior vase life and heartier blooms than its predecessors.

No classic or rustic flower arrangement would be quite complete without gypsophila xlence (baby’s breath). This variety of baby’s breath is a new introduction to the variety and offers superior vase life and heartier blooms than its predecessors. The tiny, white blooms are the ideal choice for adding fullness, charm and whimsy to your extra-special bouquets or arrangements for weddings, baby showers, fundraisers, parties and more. Keep in mind that a little bit of baby’s breath goes a long way, so you’ll be able to add ample texture and charm to your arrangements with just a few bunches.


IF you want the effect to be fine, we suggest you choose the more quantity of this COMB. You can put the baby’s breath in the vase only. or you can put tegother with any other flower arrangement as you desigin.

The baby’s breath flower use the healthy plastic. Delicate workmanship make the flowers and stem  fit together better. As all the flowers are fitted by hand.thus sometimes may be some flowers fall off.don’t worry about this,you can Reload them back,it is also a nice DIY experience.does it?

We offer two length size of this baby’s breath.
(40CM=15.7in and 60CM=23.6in) Each length we offer different quantity.
10PCS/20PCS/30PCS So choose the correct length and quantity as you need,don’t buy wrong,thanks.

Reasonable in price and Excellent in quality.
Quantity : 40pcs Note: The flowers in effect picture shown on the page is 60pcs flowers. Please choose quantity for flower arrangement as you need.
Size: Total length: Approx 40cm. Vase and other accessaries are not included.
Usages: weddings,stages,parlours,bedrooms,parks,offices,dining rooms,countyards,stores and any other place that you want to decorate.
Flower head is cloth,plastic pole, flower middle wire rod, can be bent shape or prune.


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