Clear Disposable Plastic Cups With Silver Rim 10 Oz. Pack Of (80) Fancy Hard Plastic Cups – Party Accessories – Wedding – Cocktails- Tumblers




Make your events stand out without having you worried about clean up when you use this durable hard plastic cups!

You won’t have to go around looking for high quality and durable disposable cups as this product has got you covered.

Here are the reasons why you will love this item:

Uses Hard Plastic With Silver Rims for that Hard-Wearing Cups That Can Last the Whole Night – Holding a party for the whole night? Fret not as these durable hard plastic cups are here to keep you company until the end of the event. They don’t easily break and can withstand any drinks you place inside.

No Need to Worry About Clean Up After the Party – Tired of all the clean up after hosting a party? Worry no more as these disposable cups will surely lighten up your load. They are easy to use and easy to dispose after using.

Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes at an Affordable Price – Choose from any of our several options. No matter what occasion it may be; birthday party, wedding, office event, these cups has got you covered. Plus, they are very affordable!

What are you waiting for? Make your parties even more fun and easy when you get this cool plastic cups and wine glasses today!

HARD PLASTIC AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE – Made from excellent quality hard plastic, these crystal clear plastic cups with silver rims and disposable wine glasses can last you the whole day. But what makes them ever more special, they are affordable and easy on the budget!
PERFECT FOR ANY BEVERAGE OR DESSERT – Use these high-quality plastic cups with silver rims for college parties, weddings and fill them up with your favorite beer, cocktail drinks, wine, champagne, alcohol, mixed drinks, teas or soda or just a cup of juice or water in the comfort of your home!
CONVENIENT AND EASILY DISPOSABLE – Clean up is not a fun part after holding a party. But get yourself these cool disposable cups and you can have your guests readily discard them into nearby bins! It’s easy and gives you enough room to relax after the event.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY – Unlike glasses and porcelains, our disposable wine glasses and plastic cups are ultralight so you can effortlessly carry them around. Your guests would enjoy walking around and chatting with other guests carrying these portable products. perfect for all occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, holidays, picnics, catering and more!
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