Lanmi Men’s 14K/18K Yellow White Gold Natural Emerald Ring Sapphire Tanzanite Engagement Wedding Band with Diamonds for Man Father’s Day




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7 Days Making Product, 3 Days Deliver to Customers

Lanmi Jewelry was founded in 1980, specialised in exceptional hand-crafted ring,bracelet, necklaces, earrings made of precious gemstones like emerald,ruby, tanzanite, sapphire, diamond,tourmaline, citrine etc.

Each Lanmi’s product is one of a kind and carefully designed to show a combination of original qualities through colour, shape, and form. Our goal is to inspire people to display the natural beauty everyday and on special occasions.

Now Lanmi has grown into a team of dedicated jewelry designers, sales associates, gemologists, and more,We buy direct from the source and pass the savings on to our customers. You simply will not find a better deal on jewelry anywhere.

Only Use Natural and Certified Gemstone









Good Emerald Cut and Shape

Emeralds are most often cut in a special cut designed just for this gem; “the emerald-cut”. The emerald cut is a step-cut or trap-cut featuring a rectangular or square shape with truncated corners. This cutting style maximizes the beauty and color of the stone, whilst protecting it from mechanical strain and internal stress.

Good Emerald Color

With emeralds, even more so than other colored gems, it is the color that is the chief determinant of value. By definition, emeralds are a medium to darker green to blue-green and sometimes slightly yellowish-green beryl.

Good Emerald Clarity and Luster

Emeralds have a vitreous (glass-like) luster when cut and polished. Clarity is important, but inclusions are tolerated more in emeralds than virtually any other gem. Unlike other beryl gems, emeralds often contain inclusions and other flaws. these flaws are considered part of the character of the stone and are used to assure the purchaser of a natural stone.

Good Emerald Treatment

Oiling is a common emerald treatment and in most cases, it is done right at the mining location. The term ‘oiling’ refers to the practice of immersing emeralds in a colorless oil or resin (most often cedar oil) in order to enhance color, clarity and stability.

Global Mining Supplies


As we know, Colombia is the most important emerald producing area in the world, and Sri Lanka is known as the most important gem country in the world with Brazil and Myanmar.

Lanmi buy natural gemstones from the mining areas of these countries, and with strictly control on the quality of gemstones, this is an important reason for why lanmi jewelry’s products are so beautiful and with competitive quotation.

Experienced jeweler Ensure Every Details of The Jewelry


All pieces are expertly handmade, Our jeweler has over 20 years of experience,from design to product finished (include 7 processes: design-stone choose-mould making- wax casting- polish-mosaic-inspection) they can control every details of the product. every jewelry go through intense and rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our jewelry is up to standard and built to last.

We also can make the items according to your specifications.

— Ring Re-size: All of our product are available any size.

— Customized metal type and color acceptable. Metal type 24K/18K/14K/9K gold and color in white/yellow /rose gold is available for your choice.

— Gemstone is available for your choice we accept customized gemstone change.

Emerald:Genuine Natural Carat Weight:1.55CT Cut:Emerald Cut(6x8mm) Clarity:Very Good
Metal Type:Solid 14K Gold-Yellow Gold Weight:7.35g
Style:Mens Engagement Emerald Ring
Perfect for All Occasions:Anniversary Engagement Party meeting Dating Wedding Daily Wear etc


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